What we do

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Personal Training

We create a safe and customized fitness program that will help you attain your personal goals. Our personal trainers will give you the attention you need to allow for you to focus on your individual workout without interruption. You can work one on one with a personal trainer, with a friend, or a small group up to 5 people.

Corporate Fitness

Would You Like To Boost Your Employee’s Health, Morale and Productivity While Increasing Your Company’s Profit Margin?

Healthy employees means a healthy business which is why the most successful companies are now investing more resources into corporate wellness programs to increase their bottom line.

Kuwait is now one of the most obese countries in the world, with people lacking time to exercise and physical activity decreasing That’s why our quick, fun, high energy, corporate boot camps are the perfect solution, these workouts are designed to get your employees fit, healthy and bursting with energy in no time.



Our workouts are quick, fun, and extremely effective. At Protein Sheikhas bootcamps our campers get results fast and have a lot of fun in the process. We vary the workouts on a regular basis to keep things fun.


Fitness Retreats

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone, challenge your body, feed your mind and uncover your capabilities! Protein Sheikhas Fitness Retreats, which include fitness, yoga, nutrition, wellness, adventure and FUN, this action packed FUN weekend is the perfect ready to go, no stress weekend. You will laugh, you will learn. You will sweat, you will burn. But most importantly, you will leave feeling re-energized, motivated and inspired.